On printing pictures…not a sponsored post

Recently I have been having fun taking photos with both my phone and my DSLR. I have an iphone 5 and a Canon Rebel T3i which my parents kindly gave me. It is a standard DSLR and I do not have any fancy lenses. Both the phone and camera take great pictures. The phone makes it easy to upload to sites like Facebook and Instagram. Note: I am not freaking out about the user agreement on Instagram. I don’t want my photos being used without my permission or perhaps even compensation, but the likelihood of someone picking MY photos is pretty slim.

Recently I have liked some of my shots well enough to do something else with them, and have found a few sites that offer some interesting options.

Instacanvas is a site that specifically was designed to work with your Instagram photos. One thing I found with pictures I had on Instagram was other sites like Shutterfly or Snapfish would tell me the photo wasn’t high enough resolution and the result would look crappy. Instacanvas seems to have figured out how to take your Instagram photo and make a good print from it. I have not ordered any hanging pictures, but I have ordered quite a few cards. I like that the cards are square, 5″x5″ and have a matte finish. I am seriously frustrated by the lack of size options out there for printing photo cards. You can also upload pictures to their site to make stuff out of even if you don’t have an Instagram account.

Printstagram is another site which gives you great options for printing your Instagram photos. I made a calendar for my parents of 365 of my Instagram pics. Yes, I had more than enough photos to choose from. It was actually an interesting exercise in curating my own Instagram feed. They have another option for printing your photos and creating a keepsake box, but so far it seems like you only have the option of selecting ALL of your feed, not just some, if you want the box option. At close to 1500 pictures in my feed, that is a pricey option, and I don’t need a printed copy of some of those photos. Like the one of the bouillon I used to make soup. But you can print out your photos in groups of 12 or 24, in two different sizes, so I will probably do that at some point and make my own keepsake box or photo album. The pictures are printed square as well, which is how they appear in the Instagram feed so they are interesting and not stretched or distorted.

Recently, in keeping with my ongoing love affair with all things Groupon I bought two groupons from Canvas on Demand for two 16″x20″ prints of my photos, on canvas. This was something risky, since I am not a fan of HUGE pictures especially of people. But I had some shots from our trip to visit my parents back in June, from our beach excursion. I had taken them with the DSLR, so they were high enough resolution. I took the leap of faith and chose these two pictures:

Yaquina Bay Bridge

beach june 2012

Both are from Newport Oregon, at the Yaquina Bay** state park. The bridge picture was the one I was really hoping would turn out well. They are FABULOUS. When I first loaded the bridge picture, I must have picked one I had edited with my ipad, because they contacted me to say it was going to pixelate too much, did I have a version with more resolution. I found the original, right out of the camera. That one worked, and they even told me because of the way it fit on the canvas, they were making it 16×24 instead of 16×20 for no extra charge. IT LOOKS SO AWESOME. I would highly recommend them both for customer service and the end product.

I will continue to explore options for printing some of my favorite photos, but wanted to share what I had found so far. None of these companies asked or compensated me in any way for these shout outs. I simply have had some good experience with them and wanted to share.

**edited to correct location. Not Yachats, which is a real place, but Yaquina. Tomato tomahto.



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5 responses to “On printing pictures…not a sponsored post

  1. S. Kosboth

    I also bought a Groupon for Canvas On Demand for two photos on canvas for Christmas gifts. They also turned out Great! I highly recommend their product.
    Aunt Sharon

  2. cupcakemurphy

    You’re an amazing photographer.

  3. So cool! We have a place called “photowow” down the street from us. This company has been advertising in the back of magazines since the 1990s.The first techies to realize the commercial value of photoshoping personal pics. And now we can buy our prints on canvas- even at costco! its so wild.

    your pics are gorgeous, and they turned out amazing!

  4. Perhaps you’ve already tried this, but…have you thought about painting a clear varnish over your canvas pics? I’ve done it with several things and they turned out well. I bought different sized brushes, and went over all the individual details, which gives it a little dimension.

  5. Love this idea!! Especially the info about Instacanvas. Seriously. Thanks!!
    (Piper at Her Ace in the Hole)

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