Lazy hazy crazy daze of winter

I have a cold. My head is full of fog. It makes the days hazy. It makes my psyche more delicate. I have been having crazy vivid dreams where I am saving the world with the help of Star Wars Lego mini action figures. Or I am running a bed and breakfast in Switzerland. Wouldn’t THAT be AWESOME??? But between the cold and the dreams I wake less than well rested. It is WORK having these crazy dreams.

I have no idea what tonight will bring, other than the distinct possibility that The Bob will sleep in the other room, because along with nasal congestion comes SNORING. Apparently I could win ribbons, if they gave out ribbons for this kind of thing.


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One response to “Lazy hazy crazy daze of winter

  1. Star Wars legos helped you save the world? That is awesome!!

    I am guessing your son is all about Legos right now?

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