I should be 15 again in another 2 years…

They say the way to stay young is to keep learning. To use your brain in new and different ways. I have been in my field of expertise for 22 years. The way you learn to be a financial aid professional is to do it. You can attend training, you can read the federal registers and financial aid handbooks (a FABULOUS cure for insomnia if you are ever in need, BY THE WAY) but the best way to learn to do this work is to be in an aid office and do it. 

I have worked for some extraordinary aid practitioners. People who had years of expertise and knowledge. But I have always been at a school that handled traditional students in traditional programs on a traditional calendar. I might be a dinosaur. 

The world of higher education is in flux. Transition. It needs to be. People need ways to get a college education that doesn’t cost as much, that is flexible with the schedule and provides training that leads to being able to get a job, or a better job. Online programs, excellerated programs, these are the things people are looking for. And all of that complicates how you award and process financial aid. 

So I have to learn how to do my job all over again, if we are going down this path. And I cannot see how to avoid it and still do this work. So I figure as I relearn how to do that which I have been doing all this time, I will be not only keeping my brain younger, I might actually reverse the aging process and become younger. 

Or I will figure out how to own that vineyard/olive grove/herb farm where we also raise goats and chickens and make cheese, and sell all the lovely stuff we make from the bounty of our fields. It might look something like this:

Imagephoto by the amazing neice, Erin. She should take more pictures.



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  1. Bravo to you for making an effort to relearn what you do in order to help students!

    I agree, the university system needs to be dramatically revamped. My teaching job was slashed when s*** hit the fan economy-wise in California. But prior to that, there were a lot of meetings dedicated to that very thing. A surprising number of faculty did not want to make any changes, and I always found it frustrating.

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