Things that are almost impossible to accomplish with my child around

Reading anything longer than the caption on an instagram photo.

Holding a thought in my head for more than 30 seconds, which makes it almost impossible to remember anything, including the three really good blog post ideas I had this week.

Holding an uninterrupted conversation with anyone, about anything.

Eat popcorn. That kid has my bloodhound nose and can smell it a mile off.

NOT laugh. He makes me laugh every single day. Today, after I told him he was almost done with his Wii (by the way he is calling me from the bathtub as I type this…TOLD YOU) prohibition, he told me he was putting me on jewelry prohibition. As in I was not going to be allowed to make any more jewelry for 10 days. He is HILARIOUS that kid.

Not be grateful for his existence. Because no matter how kookoo he makes me feel, no matter how much I want to scream “GET YOUR COLD ASS FEET OFF OF ME” he is crazy funny and smart and tell me he loves me 12 times a day so I guess I will keep him.

Now I must go deal with whatever bath related issue is occurring.


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