Hold on to what is good

This weekend was awesome and horrifying all rolled up into three days. I was here when we found out about the explosions at the Boston Marathon…

We were at the fields with friends, eating donuts…

donut time

Some of these same friends were with us on Saturday as we introduced them to the beauty of Mt. Misery and the Magic Tree…

running to magic tree

kids in tree

friends mt misery

at the bridge

On Sunday I took the dogs to a new woods, or ancient wood, which was new to us…

ancient boundaries



path over water


walking companions

This last one immediately made me think of The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe and I looked around for Tumnus.

This is a crazy world we live in. I don’t imagine it is any more or less violent and unpredictable than it was 50 or 100 years ago. We just have much more exposure to and information, or misinformation in many cases, about what is going on. It is more immediate, in our faces, constant. I spent several hours worried about a few friends and coworkers who were either running in the marathon, working the finish line or at the finish line waiting for family who were running. The good news is everyone I was worried about was fine. One had been in the VIP section not even 10 minutes before the bombs went off, but he is his family are fine. For that I am unspeakably grateful. My heart hurts for those who were hurt or killed.

But I lit a candle this morning, said a prayer for peace in our lives, and have determined that this will not define how I move through this life. Especially when, with a huge smile on his face, Cooper looked at me this morning and said “Yesterday was a GOOD DAY.” May he continue to walk through his life untouched by violence and tragedy, holding on to what is good. Namaste friends. NAMASTE.


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