Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale…

Once there was this kid…he’s the one on the right…chip and michele 1967ish I am the one on the left. He is my little brother

His name is Chip. Well, really it is George, but when he was born, and named after his father, people said “Oh he is just like a chip off the old block” or they said “Look at those cheeks, like a chipmunk” or some other variation on a theme, and his nickname became Chip. He has traveled many paths to get to where he is now, to get to the who he is now. Many of those paths have been fraught with struggles, doubt, challenges and tears. Some of them have been full of love and happiness. He has been a father, a brother, one of the funniest AND most exasperating people I have ever known, a builder of things, a crisis counselor, a prison counselor, and currently a private practitioner of counseling.

One day his path led him to this woman…robin

robin as catwoman
(Not everyone can pull off the Catwoman look with such panache, but she does.)

Her name is Robin, and she also has traveled many paths and experienced the highs and lows life has to offer. She has been, not in any particular order, a mother, the manager of the Danceteria in the 1980s, a director of a school in LA, and now owns and runs a yoga studio.

Life is funny. One day you are thinking that you have really screwed things up. You are getting divorced, you are worried you have totally ruined your children’s lives, will you ever feel happy again and then BLAMMO. Awesome happens. This past weekend Chip and Robin became Mr. and Mrs. Chip and Robin…

Chip and Robin's wedding

Chip and kids Chip and his kids, my niece Erin, and nephew Nate

Robin and kids Robin and her sons Logan and Duncan

Chip and Robin, done photo credit for all wedding photos to Alexis Goldstein

I was not able to attend the event, given the time of year it is for me at work, and the cost of going from Boston to Oregon. And I am really sorry that I didn’t get to be there to bear witness to the joining of these two lives. But I suspect that given the joy and enthusiasm, and general craziness that is this pair, we won’t lack for opportunities to enjoy them.

Second acts, starting new chapters, are always an opportunity for reflection. An opportunity to let go of the past, to be grateful for what has been, for what brought us to this moment in time when we are ready to step forward, to be open and embrace what it is to come. These two sparkle together, and I wish them all the blessings and light that their life together deserves.


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  1. Aw, that’s beautiful. A happy story is always the best when it’s unexpected for the people involved. I wish your brother and his new wife all the best!

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