Bright shiny person

Pretty much on a daily basis I am taken by surprise that I am someone’s mother. I am not sure at what point that will go away, if ever. It was such an unplanned, unexpected occurrence in my life, and now I have this 10,000,000 watt entity in my life.

cooper jumping in

cooper diving

We opened the pool almost two weeks ago. It takes a week or so to clear up. Then the weather gods decided that it should be cold and rainy for days on end. But this weekend they smiled on us and we had sun and warmth. The pool water temperature had just cracked 64 degrees however. Cold enough that it makes my ankles get a headache when I put my feet in. No matter to Cooper. He is a water baby, a Scorpio, and he is happiest in this element.

bright shiny person

He is the brightest, shiniest person I know.


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