Friendship is here…

friendship sign

Floods Cove, Friendship ME. On and off since I was in high school, I have made this trip. I have missed a year here and there. I have known the Hansen clan for longer than that and Virginia has been coming to this place for longer even, since it was her grandfather who first discovered what was then Ames Cove, I believe. I first met Henrik when I joined the hand bell choir at our church the year we were both in 8th grade. My family had just moved to Bay Village OH and he was probably the first friend I made. That was 1977-78 sometime. Now the next generation of our families have begun to get to know each other, forming bonds I hope they will remember for a lifetime.

porch barnstable 2013

porchtime 2013

The porch of the Barnstable is a gathering place, a place to drink coffee first thing in the morning, or lounge about in late afternoon, watching the light and fog change over the cove.

friendship days sign 2013

friendship days 2013

coop and orson 2013

Cooper had a great time this year. At 6 and half, this is the first year he was EXCITED to go to the cove. He knew he would have a buddy, O who is 8. They fished, crabbed, and watched whatever shows we could get to come up on my ipad or laptop, courtesy of the less than steady wifi.

coop dancing floods cove 2013

coop in a kayak 2013

This was the first year I put Coop in a kayak by himself. The first time it was a bit too windy, and he would not listen to my instructions. We kept getting blown into the shore, but away from the dock. I was fairly sure we would never get back, but instead have to climb out and crawl through the woods to get back to the cove. The good news is he finally listened to me, and grabbed the handle on the back of my kayak, and I towed him to the dock. This picture was the second time he got into a kayak, at super low tide, with no wind. He still managed not to listen, got angry he couldn’t make it go where he wanted and WHY DID I KEEP PUSHING HIS KAYAK IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION STOP FOLLOWING ME AROUND. He will not be getting in a kayak by himself again til he is 12.

family portrait friendship 2013

I own a Polaroid camera. Cooper is obsessed with it, and O found it entertaining too. He took this great picture of us, which immediately made it look like it was 1974.

train crew 2013

Every year we go to ride a train. The Wiscasett, Waterville and Farmington Railway to be exact. The original line is being rebuild by volunteers and you can ride the train from the station as far out as they have gone so far. Coop loves it almost as much as John. For most young girls, if the father of your friend says “Want to go to the basement to see my trains” you might suggest that this is an unwise offer to accept. With John, it is really about trains. His entire basement was a train set. If it were practical, he would travel everywhere by train I think.

kids and train 2013

While waiting for our turn to ride the train, the conductor showed the kids how to operate the track switch.

family train portrait 2013

fishing 2013

fishing expidition

There were many attempts at fishing. No fish were harmed during the course of this vacation.

flaming pies

There was a birthday.

Sunny morning cove 2013

The cove in the morning.

sunny sunset cove 2013

The cove at sunset.

kids at sunset 2013

The kids at sunset.

foggy cove 2 2013

foggy cove 2013

There was fog.

water balloon battle 2013

floods cove 2013

The final day began with an epic water balloon battle. While I was filling the 90 balloons, I could hear the negotiations between the three kids. “No throwing at the face.” “Only throw at the feet.” “HEY! Maybe we can find some shields.”

After the fight, just before we packed the car to leave, there was one last fishing attempt. Maybe next year will be the year he hooks the big one. Or any one.


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