The Year of Living Out There…

In July I turned 49. I am not particularly hung up on age, but when you think about it, that is likely more than the half way point of my life. Somewhere along the line in the last 30 years I remember taking a survey that predicted to what age I could expect to live. Given the various factors I was asked to supply, do you smoke (no), do you exercise (sort of), at what age did your grandparents die (around 80 for dad’s parents, 92 for maternal grandmother, grandfather is 94 and still ticking) it predicted I would live to around the age of 84. Seems like a reasonable age, especially considering I now have slightly elevated blood pressure (thanks Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancy) and have a solid 40 lbs I could stand to lose.

All that being said, I am on what could be considered the downward slope of life. I hope it is a LOOOOOONG downward slope, but still. I have more years behind me than in front of me, all things considered, and since I am not to the best of my knowledge, immortal. I haven’t put that to the test though.

So in this year, my 50th on the planet, I decided it would be good to live it large, take on some challenges. Make a concerted effort to try new things, be more present and breathe deeply at least 5 times a day. Which brings us to this:


A few months ago I got into a conversation with a woman who teaches a bootcamp at the dojo where Cooper takes his karate classes. I said I had NO INTEREST in torturing myself in a bootcamp again, been there done that and all, but I did think taking a karate class would be fun. She said they used to run a women’s only class and that she could probably do it again if there was an interest. I said YES THERE IS AN INTEREST and then began talking it up with the other moms who were there twice a week while their kids took class. Sensai Marissa worked it out with Sensai Jim, and now we have a class on Wednesdays while our kids are taking their class. There were four of us in class tonight, but we were being closely observed by at least three other moms, who wanted to see how it went. I told them afterward that if I can do it, ANYONE can.

So yeah. For the first time in my life, I am taking a karate class. In 5-6 weeks (it is only one night a week after all) we will test for our white belts. It is a for realsies karate class. The part I am most uncomfortable with is having to make some sort of sound when we hit things. For all the talking and singing I do, I am not much of a HI YA!!!-er. So something to work on.



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3 responses to “The Year of Living Out There…

  1. Kudos to you! Did you know my mom started Shotokan when she was in her 50s and earned her black belt? Whether you are in it to win it, or just want to do this to stay fit, rock on! Also, have fun.

  2. I had to participate in one of those bonding/trust building experiences with my co-workers at my old job and the hardest part was the noise I had to make before I smashed my hand through a piece of wood. YA! I sounded like Pia Zadora.

  3. Chip

    I, on the other hand, am sure of my immortality. I have no evidence to suggest otherwise. Ha! And if I am proven wrong… I won’t notice.

    Break a board!

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