And then there were six…

When we last checked in with our heroine, she was beginning to learn to kick ass, for real, not just metaphorically, in karate lessons, and she was running for school committee. We return to our saga to find:

She has not yet taken a second karate class because the school PTO meeting was this Wednesday night, and as she is the PTO secretary (no one can accuse her of not being willing to be involved) she had to be present to take the minutes.

She is NOT still running for school committee. Tuesday was the primary, and the field of seven candidates was whittled down to six. The six with the most votes moved on. Our heroine had the least amount of votes. It was momentarily disappointing, but she has embraced the fact that she rose to the task, was willing to put herself out there, willing to serve if that was the choice of the community. She certainly has enough to keep her busy and she will work to hold the school committee accountable for doing their job as our elected officials, and keep the conversation going from the outside.

In other news, and in first person now because that third person stuff is hard to keep up, I am pooped. The opening of the semester was a whirl of activity, anxiety, joy, sadness, frustration, and finally it is done. The students are here, they are going to classes and the phones have stopped ringing.

The boy child is now officially a first grader. He also loves a couple of boy bands, like One Direction and Big Time Rush. I admit to watching the Big Time Rush show on Nickelodeon, and laughing out loud every so often. It is a modern day Monkees. I do NOT get the hairdos on several of the members of One Direction. It looks remarkably like several of the boys’ heads are being consumed by a tribble. Musically they are a boy band. That is as much as I can say about it.

Our treadmill died. That is our fourth treadmill since living in this house. The first two died tragically in water related incidents. The third was an old one that The Bob reclaimed from his former life and it served us well until it just hit old age. This last one was doing so well, and then it stopped registering that we were pushing the buttons to increase speed or incline. Turns out the motherboard in the display was cracked in half. From all the running. I blame The Bob. I only run if there is a mean person with a weapon pursuing me. Which is to say I JUST DO NOT. I walk on it, at a nice incline. Well, not any more. It was going to cost the same to repair it as it would to buy a new one. I didn’t think repairing something that is not capable of withstanding the awesomeness of The Bob’s workouts made any sense.

So we are treadmilless. I did find a recumbent bike for sale on a local FB yard sale page, for far less than it would cost brand new, so my new work out routine includes that and the rowing machine. It’s like an elliptical work out only in phases.

I also had to go to war with a mouse in my house. It had the audacity to get past my defenses in the basement, and tried to take up residency in my kitchen. NOT HAPPENING MICKEY. I ended up needing replacement zapper traps, but once those were deployed, it was only 24 hours and I had a dead mouse. But nothing gets a person to clean out their cupboards like mouse turds.

So onward. Tomorrow is official International Peace Day and Sunday is the autumnal equinox. Once again the time of balance, where light and dark are equal for a moment. Two days which are a perfect opportunity to embrace and celebrate all that we have, to strive to bring peace to our own corners of the world. Peace.


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  1. I wish you would have won. I think it appropriate for you to be in a position of power. That makes me feel peaceful.

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