I’m not dead yet…

As you may recall, I hurt myself back in November. I initially thought my ankle was the worst of it. I was wrong. That has healed quite well thank you very much. It is my shoulder that has caused me some sleepless nights but has allowed me to meet the adorable if not slightly sadistic Sophia the physical therapist. We were making great progress for a while, but over the last few weeks I have stalled in the progress department. 

My shoulder is proving to be a reluctant patient. I am still experiencing pain and stiffness when I do certain activities, like sleep. Sleeping should be such a restorative activity. But I end up with pain across the top and front of the shoulder in the middle of the night. So we finally decided seeing an orthopedic surgeon would be a good idea, so that we could eventually get an MRI. That would allow us to see those pesky muscles and ligaments and determine if I have torn my rotator cuff. 

I saw the orthopedic surgeon today. She was nice and not all in a hurry to cut me open. YAY! She does want an MRI, so we will do that. If it is a full tear, that will require surgery. But if there is a partial tear or no tear, then we do other stuff. Let’s all put a collective wish out to the universe for OTHER STUFF. Because The Mama does not know what she will do if she cannot use her right hand for 4-6 weeks. Which is the recovery period for rotator cuff surgery, during which you are immobilized and not allowed to move it. Aside from not being sure how I would manage some of the more delicate business of my day, I am pretty sure I would not be able to leave the house after week one because my hair would be a disaster, my make up would be non existent and yes I am just vain enough to think this way. Can you shower? I have no idea. But I know I would be seriously challenged to get my left arm pit washed if I can’t move my right arm even if I could take a shower. 

These are the thoughts I think while I lay there waiting for my shoulder to stop bugging me at 3am. But I am still here, and while I am injured, I am not out of the game totally. But can I tell you what I miss? I miss being able to do a full body, stretch my fingers to the sky up on my tippy toes stretch. A nice big cleansing breath. Because that hurts. So right now, if you can, do it. Stretch all the way as far as you can and take a deep breath in and let it out. Feels good. And it’s good for you too. Do that more. You’ll be glad you did. 

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  1. Sending NO SURGERY thoughts your way. xoxo

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