Everything good comes to an end, so they tell me…but that just sucks.

Well HEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYY there. I have stuff to say about the last month or so I didn’t blog, and will get to that eventually. Today I am here to say stuff about someone who is AWESOME.

I have known Kristen for 14 years now, and we have worked together for all that time. We started our respective jobs here within one month of each other. I am the director of financial aid, she is the director of student accounts. We are two sides of the same coin. AND SHE IS LEAVING ME. 

Yes, I am making this about me. College aid and student account offices don’t always get along. While the end goal is the same for us, to get the student enrolled and the bill paid, for some reason the offices manage to have antagonistic relationships rather than cooperative. A blame game often happens. If aid isn’t on the bill correctly, if the bill is wrong, if money for a refund isn’t being processed quickly enough, it is easy to fall back on finger pointing and shrugging of shoulders and saying “Oh well, it’s not my problem, it’s theirs.”

That has not, for the most part, happened here. We have always been small offices. When we started, I was an office of two people, myself and an assistant director, she was an office of one. Just herself. If it needed to get done, chances are one of us was going to do it. From the first moment we met it was obvious we would work well together. If someone in one of our offices screwed up, and we do, we would talk about it, work it out and move on. We took ownership of the process at both ends. 

We have also been friends. We have seen each other through boyfriends, fiancees, breakups, divorce, marriage, babies, house selling, house buying, car buying. Kristen is one of the most caring, giving thoughtful people I have ever know. She FEELS things. She is beautiful, smart and funny. If I was inclined to play for the other team she would totally be my type. No, that’s not weird. It’s just a fact. She is an awesome catch. She likes to drive cars really fast, can mix a mean, carefully crafted, very thoughtful cocktail, drives to pick up dogs to deliver to their foster homes and recycles. What is not to love. Which is why it is supremely baffling that she has not found THE ONE. Something is wrong with either all the men out there or the universe. Or both. 

I am very happy for her regarding this new adventure. It will lead to more great things for her I believe. But in the meantime, what the hell are we supposed to here? Tomorrow I am going to come to the office, and she won’t be coming in. I will need to disburse aid and I will have to remember to send the email to Heather. Nothing is wrong with Heather, she is a wonderful person. But she is not Kristen. I will think of something to tell her, want to commiserate about something and I will have to send her a facebook message. THANK GOD FOR MARK ZUCKERBERG. How did we maintain friendships without FB? 

She knows she will be missed. We celebrated her yesterday, twice. Other people said nice things about her in public. I decided I would say it here in front of god and the internet. You are loved and appreciated here Kristen. You will be missed. Good luck!!

You know it’s not too late. We haven’t even interviewed anyone to replace you yet. You can still change your mind…

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