Don’t mess with this Karate Mama

The other day Cooper and I were getting ready to go to our karate classes. They happen at the same time at the same dojo.  National Grid had pulled up in front of the house a few moments before, and there were men measuring and consulting papers on a clip board and staring at my house, so before I changed into my gi (uniform for karate) I went out on the porch to ask if I needed to be concerned about them staring at my house while a back hoe was parked in front of it. Seems that we were on the schedule to have our inactive gas line cut off at the street. 

Side story: At some point prior to our purchasing of this house, a previous owner had a gas line run to the house. There was a meter, a gas line, but nothing INSIDE the house was ever hooked up to gas. No gas lines at all exist inside the house. Eventually, a few years after we had moved in, a different National Grid guy came wandering by, asking if we had a gas account. I explained how there was no gas inside the house. He seemed baffled by that, but it was true. So months later he shows up again to say they are taking the meter off the house and turning off the gas at the street. FINE. WHATEVER. Just don’t blow up my house thank you. Now they apparently have decided that they have to cut off the line at the street. Fine WHATEVER. Just don’t blow up my house, nor can you dig up my tree.Thank you. 

Side note to the side note: They have yet to dig up anything. Back hoe is gone. Whatever. 

Back to my story. I go back inside, change, get Cooper changed and send him out to the car as I gather things and lock the door. The one dude sees Cooper in his gi and says “Don’t you look great.” Cooper looks at him as kids do, assessing if this comment requires a response, but decides no, and gets in the car. Meanwhile, I wander out onto the porch in my gi, turn the lock the door as I see the guy turn and take in all the glory that is me dressed all in white head to toe with my bright gold belt and I hear him say “Oooookaaaaaaay…” 

That’s right gas dude. I know Ka-rah-tay. Do NOT mess with this karate mama. And don’t blow up my house. Thanks. 

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