Camp Convo with Cooper, episode 1

Backstory: Cooper goes to camp at the Y. There are several options, some designated by age, some by activity (sports vs. not sports). Cooper is old enough to be in Camp Cabot this year, for 7-12 year old kids. He REALLY REALLY REALLY wants to stay in Pioneers, which is for kids going into Kindergarten and first grade. When we signed him up, there was an error in the brochure, and he got assigned to Pioneers again. This past week I was getting calls from the woman who manages the camp saying we should move him into Cabot. The following conversation occurred: 

Me: The camp called. They say you should be in Cabot. You are too old to hang with Pioneers and you can set your own schedule in Cabot. But that doesn’t mean you get to swim all day. 

Coop: AGGGGHHHHHH! I waaaaant to staaaaaaaay in Pioneeeeeeers. PLEASE don’t make me move to Cabot. pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease can i stay in pioneers, he whispers. 

Me: Uh, what’s up with Cabot? Why don’t you want to be in Cabot? Did you hear the part about making your own schedule? 

Coop: The counselors yell a lot at the Cabot campers. 

Me: Why do they yell? Are the kids doing things that they shouldn’t be doing, are they not LISTENING? 

Coop: Well, maybe.

Me: So easy solution here. Don’t be a trouble maker, do what the counselors ask the first time they ask and behave yourself. Oh look, the same rules apply at home too!

Coop: I still want to stay in Pioneers. PLEASE let me stay in Pioneers. 

At this point I recognize angst of a different sort in my child, Camp Angst, generated from an as yet unidentified source. I decide to push it further. Get some real answers.

Me: What is the real problem here. Yelling counselors, we figured that out. You can control that. What is the problem? Who is the problem? TELL ME. I hug him and give him a noogy.

Coop, flopping over, limp, with a siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh, utters one word: VLADIMIR. 

Well if one is going to have a nemesis, that is a good name for him. I am hoping we are not dealing with the son of a Russian mob don. We have determined that Vladimir is a bit of a bully, tackles people, throws things at people and may or may not be stealing the bands that kids get each day from the counselors for being helpful or doing something really well. Next week Cooper will definitely be in Cabot. They say they will put him a different group from Vladimir. We will see what happens…Stay tuned. 




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