Camp Convos in the Car with Cooper, episode 4

I was waiting in the pick up line for Cooper at camp yesterday as I watched him walk, hop, and drag his belongings across the field. While he approached I heard him yelling (he is the loudest human being on the planet) “And then you are killed, and then you are killed…” over and over. It grated on my brain and heart given what has been going on in Ferguson MO, Israel, on mountainsides in Iraq. I got his attention and gave him the CUT IT OUT signal.

When he was finally in the car and we were on our way I asked him if he knew what was going on on the world. He said no, so I described in very basic terms how a young man had been shot and killed by the police while unarmed and running away from them. He asked “Did he do something bad?” My response was that even if he had been stealing a car or selling drugs, he wasn’t armed and was running away. Should the police have shot him? No. 

Then we talked about how the boy was black, and that there are people in this world who will hate another person just because of their skin color. We talked about his friends who are Indian, African American, biracial, Hispanic, and how there will be people who will hate the gentle and loving person that is his friend William just because he is brown skinned. “It’s like the color wars, back when they had to go to different schools and drink from separate fountains and ride at the back of the bus all over again!!” he responded angrily. Ah. So he DOES listen at school. Kudos to our educational system. 

I responded that we had come a long way in this country but still had so far to go. And this is why I told him to stop yelling about killing. He was talking about a game called Roblox and how many ways you can die in the game. I pointed out that the problem was that people wouldn’t know why he was yelling about being killed, and with the way people feel right now, I think our energy would be better spent putting feelings of love, kindness, and peace into the world, rather than yelling about killing. 

“Does that make sense” I asked. “Yes. Ok, I understand what you said, but just so I get it, say it again, but make it BASIC so I am sure I get it.” I’ll explain it as often as necessary little man, because it is important. 

As I walk on through this wicked world, searching for light in the darkness of insanity,

I ask myself, Is all hope lost? Is there only pain, and hatred and misery?

And each time I feel like this inside, there’s one thing I wanna know,

What’s so funny about Peace, love and Understanding.

Nick Lowe

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